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Welcome to my colorful space! I hope that you have enjoyed looking through and absorbed some of the exuberance and happiness I felt when I created these. I was a successful fashion merchandising and buying professional with over a decade of experience who realized that the creative process is where I would like to dedicate my days to. It was after many hours of taking design classes in the evenings after my day job that led me to this realization. Last year, I made the leap to the exciting world of textile and surface design and went back to school to get my degree in Textile/Surface Design from the Fashion Institute of Technology, where I graduated with honors.


I pride myself in giving fresh life to classic themes. The businesswoman in me homes in to what sells, what is current and trendy, and delights in trend research and product development. The designer part of me is passionate about combining unusual color combinations and strong imagery. The marriage of these two selves results in special creations that aim to imbue the end customer’s lives with an extra bit of whimsy.

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